Community Center

deliver hygiene kitsThe West Monroe Community Center promotes educational and healthy recreational activities for the surrounding neighborhoods. Children are offered after school programming and tutoring with AmeriCorps mentors and Center staff. 

Camps & Outreach Programs

Summer camps and community outreach programs also offer some of our youngest citizens the opportunity to advance their education through creative and fun experiences. Family services, adult education programs, and neighborhood engagement events ensure the Community Center remains a vibrant part of this area. 

The Community Center also serves as a substation for the West Monroe Police Department.

Call today to learn more about enrolling in our programs or volunteering to assist. There is a place for everyone at the center!

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Facility Rental

Call the Community Center at 387-4001 for more information on facility rentals.

Riverbend Community Health Park

The Riverbend Community Health Park is a joint effort between the City of West Monroe and the Ouachita Parish School Board. Located at 601 Linderman Avenue between the West Monroe Community Center and Riverbend Elementary, the park features a paved walking track, outdoor fitness equipment, benches, picnic tables and a shelter.  

The park was made possible through grants provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation and the Living Well Foundation.

For more information about the park, please contact the West Monroe Community Center at (318) 387-4001.

Health Park