Thomas Road

TrafficDowning Pines might be the future for commercial activity in West Monroe, but the Thomas Road/Interstate 20 Corridor is where the activity is now for both the City and the region. Thomas Road is the main north/south traffic artery in the City and has a full interchange linking it to Interstate 20. 

Traffic Counts

At Thomas Road, Interstate 20 has a traffic count of over 65,000 cars per day, and Thomas Road near Interstate 20 has traffic counts close to 40,000 cars per day. All in one convenient place, The Corridor has a litany of:

  • Banks
  • Entertainment
  • Fast food restaurants
  • A hospital
  • Hotels
  • A medical mall
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail
  • Sit-down restaurants

Outstanding Sales

Businesses in the Thomas Road/Interstate 20 Corridor have sales that dramatically outperform their average store sales elsewhere. Retailers are 80% higher, restaurants are 50% higher, and entertainment outlets are almost 94% higher than their national averages. This success has attracted more and more businesses to this area and, as a result, more people.