Thank you for your interest the West Monroe Fire Department.  Due to the critical nature of the fire service, it is critical that we hire only the best.  We are looking for individuals who are able to handle the physical, mental, and psychological rigors associated with this historic profession.  If this sounds like you, we are glad you are here.  If you have any questions or concerns, as you proceed through the process, don't hesitate to contact us.

Application / Hiring Process

The first step toward employment with the West Monroe Fire Department is submitting the required applications.  The first application is for the Louisiana Civil Service Department's Entry-Level Firefighter Exam.  Complete the application online, and be sure to follow the directions listed.  After successfully passing this exam, you will be added to the State of Louisiana Firefighter Civil Service eligibility list for 18 months from your test date.  

You will also need submit an employment application to the West Monroe Fire Department.  More detailed information on this process can be found in the "Employee Process Guide" section below.  

Once your West Monroe Fire Department application has been submitted, you will be placed on the departments eligibility for hire list.  If you have any questions about this process, please call our office at (318) 397-0758.  When we begin our hiring process, qualified applicants will be notified, by mail, information regarding the physical agility test.  This test consists of the following:

Physical Agility Test

Station 1(a) – High rise Pack Carry:

  • Requires candidate to climb 4 flights of stairs with a shoulder-held pack of approximately 30 lbs.

Station 1(b) – Hose Hoist:

  • Using a rope, candidates must pull a fire hose up 4 flights to the top platform.  The coiled fire hose weighs approximately 30 lbs.

Station 1(c) – High Rise Pack Carry:

  • Candidates must go back down the 4 flights of stairs with the shoulder-held pack.

Station 2 – Forcible Entry:

  • Using an 8 lb. mallet, candidates must strike a beam until it reaches a specified distance.  

Station 3 – Hose Advance: 

  • Candidates must pick up the nozzle end of a charged hose line and advance it 75 feet.

Station 4 – Victim Rescue:

  • Candidates must drag a 175 lb. dummy backwards 75 feet.

Additional Test Information:

Candidates will perform the test wearing a 45 lb. weighed vest, helmet, and gloves. Once the test has begun, candidates must complete all stations without stopping.  The test must be completed in 5 minutes.

If a candidate passes the physical agility test, they will then be scheduled for a panel interview with various ranking members from the department.  This panel will make recommendations to the Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief will then conduct interviews and offer conditional employment to qualified candidates.

The conditional employment is contingent on the successful completion of the following:

  • Voice stress analysis, Psychological evaluation, Medical screen, Drug screen, Background check.

Employment Process Guide  

We, at the West Monroe Fire Department, are excited about your interest in being a part of our department.  Below is a guide to help you through the process.  If at any point in the process you need further assistance, call our administration office and we will be glad to help.  

  1. Access the application.  Applications can be found online by clicking, (Firefighter Application) .  Hard copy applications are also available from our Administrative Office (Hours: Monday-Friday from 8 am-4 pm) at 4341 Cypress St.  West Monroe LA, 71291.
  2. Please type or fill out the application in ink and IN YOUR BEST HANDWRITING.
  3. Answer every question that applies to you.  When you are asked for an address, supply the complete mailing address, including the zip code.  (THIS IS THE ADDRESS WE WILL USE TO NOTIFY YOU OF THE HIRING PROCESS)
  4. DO NOT FORGET to SIGN and DATE the application.
  5. You must provide photo copies of the following documents with your application in order for it to be considered.  West Monroe Fire Department personnel will not make photo copies for you.
    • Birth certificate
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • DD 214 if prior service military
    • Driver’s license
    • Social Security Card
    • Any other documents or certifications
  6. Submit applications to the West Monroe Fire Department Administration office.  Applications are accepted any time.  If you have an application on file and a current passing civil service score on file with the Louisiana State Examiners office, you will be notified by mail prior to the start of our hiring process.
  7. If you have a current application on file, it shall be the applicant’s responsibility to notify the West Monroe Fire Department of any change in address or telephone number.