Welcome to the City of West Monroe’s official website. We have made a special effort to make this site easy to use, informative and comprehensive. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to the community, it is important to us that you feel at home.

A Safe & Responsible City

Since its establishment in 1883, West Monroe has prided itself as being a safe, fiscally responsible City with a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities. 

Throughout the community, you’ll still find neighbors visiting after Sunday services and picnicking in the park. 

You’ll also find Louisiana’s first nationally accredited police force, major food and retail chains, and innovative programs to preserve both our environment and culture. West Monroe-it’s the place you’ve been hoping to find.

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As a resident of West Monroe, we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities that our community has to offer, from fresh, locally grown produce from the Farmer’s Market to socializing at our nationally accredited Senior Center

Settling In

Need assistance getting settled? We can help you every step of the way from planning and inspections to setting up water and garbage service. The City of West Monroe even has choices of venues for rental, ready to host everything from a child’s birthday to an elegant reception.


Here in West Monroe, we love to share our beautiful scenery blended with modern amenities with guests. From our hotels, shopping and restaurants to our parks and public events, we are excited to open our home to you. Take your pick – and we know you’ll be coming back!

Everything You Need

Here in West Monroe, you will find everything you need and more than you expect!

Stay Up to Date

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Contact Us

While we believe this website can answer most of your questions, in some cases there is no substitute for personal contact.  Feel free to give us a call here at City Hall 318-396-2600 for any additional help you may need. Thanks for going online with us.