Where do I pay my property taxes?

Property taxes can be paid at the Ouachita Parish Tax Assessors Office at 301 South Grand Street in Monroe LA.

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1. My property is sold at tax sale, what do I do to redeem my property?
2. I sold my home during the year but I am still receiving a tax notice, what should I do?
3. My mortgage company pays my property taxes, will you send them a copy of the property tax notice?
4. I did not receive my tax notices but my property is now going to tax sale or has already been sold at tax sale. Can you sell my property without notifying me?
5. I have closed my business located in the city limits of West Monroe or any inventory that was previously reported has changed, whom do I notify of these changes?
6. My mailing address has changed, how do I notify your office?
7. Where do I pay my property taxes?